Globalization, as a worldwide phenomenon, has not left judicial matters aside. The high competitiveness conditions, the deep and sudden changes and the complexity of the issues inherent to the present rendering of legal services have led professionals to seek training in a number of disciplines, to be continuously up-dated and to be flexible, creative and highly qualified in order to offer their clients the service they deserve.

Indij, Lichtmann, Martinez Raymonda Abogados intends to be in the lead and to render services of excellence, permanently adapting itself to the sudden changes that take place day after day and to the clients’ needs.

Theretofore, the Law Firm is strongly based on solid principles such as seriousness, confidentiality, personalized attention, interdisciplinary work as daily routine and specialization, though never disregarding the problem as a whole.
State-of-the-art technology applied to the filing system and to data communication, as well as a functional building infrastructure, are essential for an adequate rendering of services.

From its comfortable offices located in the Courts neighborhood, a few meters away from the Court Palace, a solid team of professionals with over 30 years of experience, plus the experience acquired from a wide range of activities- university lecturing, civil service officer, active participation in social institutions of public welfare and political leadership- offers their clients a comprehensive vision of the judicial and extra-judicial alternatives by means of creative solutions that aim to solve each issue in the most advantageous way for the client.

All the professionals that make up the Law Firm share the above mentioned principles as well as the work methodology; they all have an integral and interdisciplinary approach on the issues to be dealt with. Moreover, the Law Firm covers a comprehensive law scope that includes corporate law, bankruptcy law, civil law, labor law, public and international law, among others, advising and litigating when the circumstances so require.

Furthermore, they have fluent international contacts that enable the handling of issues abroad; a task that is eased in the written and oral exchanges, by the proficiency of the members in the main following languages : English, German, French, Portuguese and Hebrew.

As from its incorporation to BGI (international network of independent Law Firms) in 1998, our Law Firm has noticeably widened the services offered and has participated as an active member in Conventions, projects and activities of the Association, recommending and assisting clients as well as sending some of its members to accomplish working experience in other BGI member Law Firms, with the aim to contribute to the information exchange and the strengthening of joint working channels.

In more than 30 years of uninterrupted professional work, the Law Firm has had well-known clients. However, there is no such thing as a big or small client, old or new one; everybody is equally important and everybody receives the best service. Our Law Firm has privileged, mainly, the client loyalty.

As Tomás Lichtmann, one of the founding members, says: “We do not work for our clients to be pleased, but for them to come back in case further legal advice is needed.