Balms Group International (BGI) was founded in 1996 by Balms Abogados and Black Graf & Co., being the first medium sized international organization of Independent Law Firms of Hispanic - English origin. The aim of BGI, since its foundation, is based on the following principles:

Medium sized member law firms
  Willingness to supply our clients with an effective, integral and personalized service.
  Supply of legal assistance at international level, either through the cooperation of member firms from different jurisdictions on a same case, or through referring a case to a partner of other jurisdiction.
  A unanimous way of thinking, feeling and understanding law practice and judicial services.
  A commercial attitude with international attitude and forward looking approach.
The philosophy of BGI is based, since its beginning, on the international vocation of its members and on the absolute conviction that it is necessary to enlarge national borders, knowledge and practice to give a larger and better service to our clients.

With the increasing globalization of business, lawyers must be in a position to meet their clients´ needs in the international scope.

However, it is also acknowledged that in most cases, globalization does not enable small or medium-sized law firms to provide, in other countries, the same level of services given to clients in their home countries.
BGI has found the solution by incorporating independent medium sized law firms in different jurisdictions and/or countries of the five continents with the same spirit and with a sense of international attitude under the BGI logo.

Where there is a need to intervene in a case, clients can be referred to the appropriate BGI member in the corresponding jurisdiction or country. When dealing with supra-national cases, there is close cooperation among the BGI firms involved.

In any case, it is extremely important that clients trust the lawyers and professionals handling matters for them. Therefore, BGI members are hand-picked: its growth has been and will be measured given the high level required from every member in satisfying strict conditions from a professional and personal point of view.

Controlled by an Executive Committee, BGI (Balms Group International), aware of the complexity of today’s business world, has selected a large and complete organizational structures of independent law firms from the five continents specialized in different areas; allowing, every firm of BGI to focus its experience so as to provide specific and imaginative legal solutions within a national, international or supranational scope.